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Bead Breaker Kit, Giant Tire (Esco - Model 10211)

Price: $1,793.75



1 Year


Use on 5 piece rims 39”, 45”, 51”, 57” and 63” wheel sizes.

In some cases you must first use model 10105 or 10100 bead breaker to start the movement of the rim flange. The 10103 can then be used.

Model 10594 air/hydraulic pump recommended for operation.

Recently redesigned to accommodate all 63” wheels.

The kit includes the 10103 bead breaker and the following ESCO model numbers:

10504 - Turbo Pump II, air hydraulic, 2 gallon
10611 - 18' Hydraulic Hose
10605 - Male Coupler with female threads

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