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Waterborne Recycler The Lil Flocker 5 Gallon (Herkules - Model R500)

Price: $553.65



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  • Simply pour dirty waterborne cleaning solution into the R500, add a coagulant, agitate and filter. A flocculating process that takes about 5 minutes.
  • Quickly recycle dirty waterborne cleaning solution.
  • 100% air operated. 75 psi. Just connect an existing air line directly to the recycler.
  • Pumpless, meaning very little maintenance required.
  • Dual filters can be re-used for numerous cycles.
  • Ideal to use along with the Herkules G202, G375, and G505 waterborne paint gun washers or with any brand name spray gun washer.
  • Easy process for disposing waterborne paint waste per local regulations.
  • Simple-Simple-Simple
  • 5 gallon capacity
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