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Automotive Lift, 10,000 LB Capacity, Electric / hydraulic inground lift with Quick Cycle™ increasing rise (Challenger Lifts - Model EV1020LS-BMC-QC)

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Automotive Lift, 10,000 LB Capacity, Electric/hydraulic inground lift  with Quick Cycle™ increasing rise (27 sec) and descent speed (approx. 17 sec) - less superstructure. With BMC Bench Mounted Controls

Challenger’s electric hydraulic cassette style inground EnviroLift® meets the rigorous demands of
professional service facilities. With over 50% more bearing contact surface than competitor’s lifts,
enhanced wipers both top and bottom and larger 8-1/2” chrome pistons, your shop will have a
superior, more stable and repeatable lift resulting in increased productivity. These inground lifts
also eliminate environmental concerns with a fully contained polymer housing made from recycled
EnviroLifts require less shop space than surface mounted lifts. With a smaller footprint, your
shop will maximize the number of service bays, resulting in higher parts and service revenue.
EnviroLift® also creates a professional showroom style appearance with its open, aesthetically
pleasing look.
Other standard features include a mechanical locking ladder that engages every 3” and a
stainless steel air lock release cylinder to prevent rust associated with condensation. Available in
10,000, 12,000 and the exclusive 15,000 lb. lift capacity.

Chrome Benefits
• Extends life of pistons
• Highly lubricous
• Ultra hard - harder than steel
• Stands up to high stress contact
• 100 times better wear than steel
• Less prone to abrasion
• Attractive finish
• Low friction

Features & Benefits
• Larger 8 1/2” diameter chrome pistons
provides greater stability under load
• Chrome non-breathing ram style cylinder
(EV1020 only) minimizes water intake and other contamination
• Enhanced raised wiper at top and bottom of bearing
provides better grease retention and minimizes contaminates from
entering into bearings
• Over 50% longer bearing contact than competitor lifts provides
increased stability
• Mechanical lock engages every 3? provides safety and allows
technician to work at their ergonomic height to increase
productivity and minimize fatigue
• Stainless Steel air lock release cylinder promotes longer working
life with its corrosion resistant design
• Fully contained and sealed recycled polymer cassette tub
eliminates risk of hydraulic fluid seeping into the ground
• Double telescoping screw adjusts from 3-7/8” to 6” with
removable rubber pad for frame contact (EV1020 only)
• Wide drive-thru at 87” accommodates wider vehicles, minimizes
tire pinching and provides easy drive-on
(EV1020 and EV1220 only)

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