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Auto Lift, 2-Post, 10,000 lb. Capacity, Versymmetric®, 3-stage front 3-stage rear arms, 2 ft column extensions, Quick Cycle™ (Challenger Lifts - Model CL10V3-2-QC)

Price: $6,139.98



5 Year Limited


CL10 series Two Post Lift
Features & Benefits

  • Versymmetric® offset front arms provide directSPOT™ to vehicle lift points and safely lifts both symmetrically and asymmetrically within the same service bay maximizing service capabilities and revenue potential
  • Oversized 5" diameter pulley and heavy duty 5/16" cable reduces stress on equalization system and increases cable life
  • 48" elongated carriage design decreases load on bearing
  • 11´ 8" standard height with 2´ and 3´ extensions available allows lift to be placed in standard service bay with 12´ ceiling.
  • Padded overhead shut off system prevents vehicle damage from being raised too high
  • Fully gusseted base plate design reduces column deflection.
  • Single point mechanical lock release system with jacket coated protection and no lock cable pulleys, and double clutch release bar protects cable from stretching while disengaging both column locks simultaneously.
  • Rubber door guards provide added security against vehicle door damage.

Efficient spotting and Versymmetric® lifting NOW with increased rise and descent speed!

We have increased the motor and pump size which provides a faster rise and descent.
These components increase the rise of speed from 48 seconds to 27 seconds equating to a
42% time savings.
Lowering speed is held to a constant 17 seconds (approximately) regardless of the weight of the



Our CL10 now has adjustable sleeved column extensions! Meaning the lift’s standard overall height can be reduced by 6 inches.

This change provides height adjustability to our CL10 2-post lift family. For example: the CL10-2 model can now be installed at two different heights, the standard 13’ 8” or a reduced height of 13’2”.



About Versymmetric Technology

Model # CL10V3

Challenger Lifts' Versymmetric technology brings versatility to any service bay while also ensuring the safe lifting of any vehicle.  Versymmetric lift technology, stablished in 1992 by Challenger, combines a Symmetric and Assymmetric lift into one!  There's no need to choose.

Safely accommodating vehicles with either center of gravity, the CL10v3 can do it all by using heavy-duty columns and arms.  Meaning you can service a wide range of vehicles all from the same service bay.

Whether you're looking for efficiency or are just simply short on space, this Challenger Lift is right for you.

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