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Water Heater w / Aluminum Pail for Waterborne Gun Cleaners (Uni-Ram - Model UWHLEX)

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• Cleaning with warm water speeds cleaning  of waterborne spray guns and allows for easier removal of hardened paint.
• Water heater system consists of heater unit and an aluminum pail.
• 3 comfortable water temperatures available to meet user preference; choose temperature using
Selector Knob. Reaches first temperature setting
in about half an hour.
• Designed to explosion proof standards for use in
a collision repair shop. Approval pending.
• Temperature is computer controlled. Built in
safety systems including automatic shut off
after 8 hours in the event user forgets to turn
heater off and automatic shut off at elevated
• 120 V
• For use with new and existing Uni-ram
waterborne gun cleaners. Retro fit is quick;
remove existing pail and filters from gun cleaner,
install heater and aluminum pail with filters and
connect power.
• For use with Uni-ram’s waterborne spray
gun cleaners - model UM120W, UG5000W,
UA400W, UG7500W and UG7500WF.

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