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Grinding Discs, Mini, Aluminum Oxide, Type R 2" 50 Grit 50 / Box (Gemtex - Model 21220405)

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ini Grinding Discs are manufactured with the same high quality as Gemtex Resin Fibre Disc utilizing a multilayer, heavy duty vulcanized fibre backing. They are covered with a formulated bond coat to resist loading, glazing and grain stripping. The bond coat is then covered by an electronic process with specially processed mineral abrasive grit engineered for toughness, sharpness, and bond.

The rapid change system is used with Gemtex Mini Grinding Discs. They are powerful, versatile, flexible, safe and economical. They will out-perform and out-last conventional 2-ply and 3-ply cloth backed discs. They are manufactured with aluminum oxide, zirconia, SMD, PMD and X type ceramic abrasive grain. Discs are available with either the Type “R” screw on or Type “N” twist on fastening systems.

  • Old item # 35802
  • Type R - features the common nylon threaded male button that rolls on securely with a halft turn.
  • 2" Diameter
  • Aluminum Oxide
  • Grit: 50
  • Package: 50
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