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Pump Filtration System, Wall Mount 5:1 w / 12 micron filter (Liquidynamics - Model 21100T-S7-12)

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5:1 Pump System with 12 micron filter, for target cleanliness levels of 20/18/15 or better.

This versatile wall mount pump system provides a convenient means to not only dispense your oils and hydraulic fluids, but also ensures that the fluid being dispensed meets your ISO cleanliness standards. This is accomplished with the use of a high performance filtration system with Beta Ratios of up to 1,000.
Filter isolation valves and a bowl-ring design allows for quick and easy filter element change outs.

The 8” long filter housing has a working pressure of up to 800 PSI and includes a pop-up indicator to warn when the element requires changing. The BetaPoreTM 5-Layered, high performance filters used in these systems have β ratios of greater than 200 and exceptionally high dirt holding capacities. A selection of filter elements allows you to meet your cleanliness requirements as outlined below.

A 5:1 pump system is a good choice for heavier viscosities and/or pumping distances greater than 150 feet. The 5:1 pump system is also applicable to any 3:1 and 1:1 applications.

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