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Jump Starter, 900 Peak Amp 12 Volt Solar (Electronic Specialties - Model 2500)

Price: $145.67



1 Year Warranty

Easy to use and lightweight, it is the ideal entry level professional
jump starter.

Its compact size, rugged case and ability to jump up to 5 vehicles on a single
charge make the ES2500 a perfect companion for any situation in which you need
portable power.

Jump Start without Assistance!
  • Jump Start without Assistance!
  • No need for 2nd vehicle
  • No need for booster cables or gas-powered starting units
  • Plenty of power to start Cars, Boats, RVs, Light to Medium-Duty Trucks
  • Easy to access vehicles in crowded parking lots
Power 12-Volt Devices Anywhere
  • Cellular phones, TVs, Radios, VCRs
  • Air Compressors, Car Vacs
  • Emergency Lights
  • Electric Coolers
Great for Recreational Activities Tool
  • Use Anywhere
  • Perfect for Camping, Boating, Fishing, Vacation Homes
Booster PAC Power Source
  • Sealed Lead-Acid Battery won’t leak or spill – will not develop a memory
  • Heavy-Duty Clamps grip securely to top and side battery terminals
  • Flexible Heavy-Duty Cables wrap neatly around case
  • Charge-Level Indicator Lights indicate power remaining at touch of a button
  • Large Test Switch for checking power level – even with gloves on
  • Rotating Safety Storage Holsters prevent accidental contact with other metal
  • 12-Volt DC Power Outlet to power 12-volt devices
  • Durable Thermo-Plastic Case – fully insulated and will never corrode
  • Built-In Carrying Handle for added convenience
  • 110 Volt Charger Included to recharge Booster PAC from any outlet