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Pneumatic Wheel Lift, Optional, Fits R980XR, R980NXT & R30XLT (Ranger - Model RWL-150T)

Price: $505.00



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The optional RWL-350 pneumatic wheel lift helps technicians mount wheels effortlessly on most balancers, preventing potential injuries and fatigue from manually lifting heavy wheels. The lever-controlled wheel lift quickly raises the wheel and a bearing mounted slider positions them for easy mounting. One handed operation means the technician’s free hand remains able to control the wheel assembly once it is lifted into the mounting position. The portable wheel lift handles wheels up to 350 pounds and takes up minimal space around the balancer.

• Pneumatic Operation
• Bearing Mounted Slider
• One-Handed, Lever-Controlled Wheel Lift
• 350-Lb. Working Load Capacity
• Heavy Duty Steel Casters
• 14 Gauge Construction
• Weight 165 Lbs.

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