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Brake Lathe Accessory, Clip-On Disc Brake Silencer (Ranger - Model 5150048)

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One year limited


OE approved - universal clip-on brake lathe silencer
OE approved - universal clip-on brake lathe silencer. Will work on most bench lathes and some on-car lathes. Clip-on silencer is designed to give you a smooth clean cut while saving valuable set up time by quickly clipping on and stopping the chatter while deflecting the chips downward into the chip tray, reducing eye injury and clean up. The improved design provides a tighter fit, eliminating chatter more effectively. The strap keeps the silencer in place throughout the cut, eliminating wandering. No weights needed. The strap also provides the option to store your silencer on the lathe where it is used. With the new notch design you no longer have to adjust your cutting tips out. Just clip it on and go.


  • Eliminates Vibration While Cutting
  • Improves Safety By Deflecting Chips Toward the Floor, Away from Operator’s Face
  • No Tools Needed, Snaps on in Seconds
  • Stays in Place Until Removed
  • Works on Vented and Non-Vented Rotors
  • Easy to Use and Affordable
  • No Maintenance - Simply Replace Every 3 to 4 Months (Depending on Usage).

Shipping Information

  • Dimensions - 12" x 12" x 4" / 305 mm. x 305 mm. x 102 mm.
  • Shipping Weight - N/A
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